Schwerpunkt Forschung


Research has a long tradition on the Careum Campus. An interdisciplinary team from the fields of nursing, health and social sciences and humanities conducts participatory and practice-oriented research as part of national and international projects.

The aim of research into health care and nursing is to develop an understanding of the links between health, health care, society and the environment, gain new insights and present forward-looking potential solutions. This involves developing and testing new care models with innovative and technological solutions as well as measures for creating an integrated and person-centred health care system. This is how research helps to create a sustainable and high-quality health care system for everyone.

Care and caring across the lifespan

The research department at the Careum School of Health adresses current issues in the field of health care in cooperation with national and international partners.

The priorities and fields of research are chosen in such a way that the transfer between research and teaching is guaranteed. For example, new research results are integrated into training and further education programmes on the one hand, and research projects incorporate current concerns and challenges from the real world on the other.

Research focusses

Focus I: “Care and caring across the lifespan”

Particular attention is paid to the subject of “Care and caring across the lifespan”. At least once in their lives, most people will be in the position where somebody close to them requires care, be it due to an illness, old age, an accident or a disability. This support role is sometimes situational, other times long-term, but does tend to be intensive in most cases.

Relatives providing care are an important support for society and the healthcare system. An examination of life experiences highlights the fact that relatives providing care to their loved ones are by no means just middle-aged or elderly people. In many cases, it is also children and young people who assume the role of a carer. Since 2014, the Careum School of Health has been undertaking research as part of numerous national and international projects on the vulnerable group of “young carers”.

Focus II: “Patient experience with care”

One topic that is currently particularly relevant in society is person-centred care. With this in mind, research is being carried out into patient experiences and requirements at the Careum School of Health. Patients want to be taken seriously and involved in decision-making processes in matters concerning their health. Other important topics include the quality and coordination of care, and patient involvement and empowerment.

Focus III: “Health literacy”

In cooperation with the Careum Center for Health Literacy, the Careum School of Health has been addressing important questions about health literacy. What is the state of our health literacy? Which factors help and hinder the improvement of health literacy over the course of people's lives? Which strategies and recommendations are effective at bolstering our health literacy as a public community and as a society?

Great importance is attached to participation in national and international research projects, with patients and their care-giving relatives involved in such projects from the outset. Research is not conducted about people, but rather with people for the benefit of people.

Other topics

Valuable synergies are also exploited on the Careum Campus. For example, the Careum School of Health also conducts research on cross-cutting issues such as digital training, interprofessionality, health law and ethics in collaboration with other Careum units and departments.