Schwerpunkt CareX

Committed to innovation in health, education and social affairs

Careum is actively committed to further development in the fields of health, education and social affairs. We follow trends, promote creativity, initiate innovative projects and implement them successfully.

At Careum, innovation is not just a fundamental principle, but a core element that drives our actions and our mission in the education, social and healthcare world. We relate innovation to the proactive process of developing and implementing new ideas, approaches and solutions. Our dedicated group of professionals, researchers and teachers are convinced that innovation is the key to the continuous improvement of education, health and social care.

Increase quality and efficiency

Innovation enables us to develop education and healthcare solutions that are not only high quality but also efficient. We are constantly striving for better ways to deliver our services and optimise outcomes for our learners and students as well as patients and relatives. This may include introducing new teaching methods, implementing more efficient healthcare concepts or creating organisational improvements.

Meeting the needs

The world of education and healthcare is constantly changing. New technologies, research findings and social developments require innovative approaches. Careum is geared towards responding flexibly to these changes and offering solutions that meet people's needs.

Better results for learners, students, employees, patients and relatives

Our main focus is on the people for whom we provide services.  We are committed to positively influencing people's lives and, at the same time, the quality of life in society through innovative solutions. Our innovations are designed to create added value for our education and general healthcare services, whether in terms of the quality of care, the efficiency of education methods or adapting to changing social requirements.

Promoting innovation at Careum

An innovation competition at Careum gives employees the opportunity to actively participate in the innovation process. By introducing new methods and tools, they expand their skills and gain valuable experience in the field of innovation. This process not only promotes their personal development, but also strengthens the innovation potential of the entire organisation.