Studentin lächelt in Kamera

Careum has been promoting education in healthcare and social services for over 140 years

Careum promotes and imparts practical knowledge and skills for the world of healthcare. In this way, we strengthen and empower people and organisations in their commitment to our health.

With a wide range of educational programmes in an attractive learning environment and over 11,000 apprentices, students and continuing education participants every year, Careum is one of Switzerland's largest providers of education in the health and social care sector. We conduct research into current health and care topics, publish our own learning and teaching materials and are committed to promoting a health-literate Switzerland.

A strong and well-connected group

Careum is a non-profit, financially and politically independent foundation that was established in 1882. Today, Careum includes the Careum Publishing House and the Center for Health Literacy as well as the subsidiaries Careum Educational Center, Careum School of Health, Careum Continuing Education and Edubase.

Together, we are committed to the education and training of the healthcare professionals of today and tomorrow. We work closely with teaching and practice companies, associations and professional organisations and are involved in national and international networks. These include the Europe-wide Sciana network, ZIPAS (Zurich Interprofessional Clinical Training Centre) and the "Evivo Network" association for people with chronic illnesses.

Our vision: Advancing the world of healthcare

As an important place of learning and innovative driver of education, Careum is shaping a better healthcare world - in partnership, networked and enthusiastic. This is our vision. We focus on the following five key areas:


Careum is committed to the integration of health and social issues - in education, care and politics.


Careum is establishing a leading Centre for Health Literacy.


Careum masters the digital transformation and shapes it with practice-relevant digital offerings.


Careum promotes educational programmes, research projects and services that are at the cutting edge in terms of content and methodology.


As a group, Careum is more than the sum of its parts and positions itself as an exemplary, learning organisation with a high level of healthcare and digital expertise.