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Careum School of Health

Vocational, practical and research-based

Vocational training and further education programmes in nursing sciences and management are the core competency of the Careum School of Health. The programmes are flexible – making them ideal for balancing work, studies and family.

The Careum School of Health offers training programmes in nursing sciences and a broad range of further education courses. It is the Department of Health Science at Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences.

Stepping stone to a career in the health care sector

The range of programmes on offer at the Careum School of Health are geared towards ambitious professionals who are keen to take a decisive step forward in their careers. Individuals working in health care and social services with diplomas from PET colleges and universities of applied sciences are eligible to take part in the courses.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is designed as a postgraduate course for nursing professionals with a PET college diploma. Once they have accomplished this, they then have the option of going on to complete the Master of Science in Nursing course, which covers a variety of key topics.

The students on the CAS, DAS and MAS further education courses are experienced health professionals with a wealth of on-the-job experience who are looking to specialise in or enhance their knowledge of a certain subject.

Courses and key areas of focus

The needs of patients and their relatives are at the heart of our training programmes. The study programmes focus on interdisciplinary topics such as research application, clinical assessment, interprofessional cooperation and educating patients and their families. Subject-specific topics include symptom management and anti-tumour treatments in oncology and early rehabilitation and Parkinson’s disease in neurology.

The areas of focus in further education include management and leadership, oncology, palliative care, geriatric care, care management, neurology, wound care, rehabilitation, cardiology, nephrology and care and health law.

Study alongside working

The study programmes are geared towards professional needs in terms of their content and organisation. The aim is for students to apply what they have learned to their work in the health care sector in a meaningful and effective way. This is how building a career and studying are optimally interconnected.

When composing our study programmes, we consider the life situations and needs of working people. The modules can be arranged in a flexible manner and split across several years. This flexibility is the trademark of our offering – the possibility of balancing a career, a family and studies and bringing all these aspects together.

Practical work and research go hand in hand

The content of the courses incorporates proven and current knowledge gained from practical work and research. An academically and educationally qualified team with proven practical experience develops the study programmes. Our lecturers are experienced specialists who hold a variety of positions in the health care sector or work on scientific research projects. The Careum School of Health is well-connected and has long-standing relationships with national and international partners from practice, academia and research.

The research department at the Careum School of Health ensures the fruitful transfer between the real world and research. The benefit of this for students is twofold – their studies are consistently oriented towards current practical knowledge and the latest research findings. This gives graduates the tools they need to dedicate themselves to improving health care in the long term.

Funding body

The Careum School of Health is supported by a joint funding body, which is both a subsidiary of the Careum and the Department of Health Science at Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences.

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