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Careum Publishing

Careum Publishing develops and produces learning and training materials for professions associated with health care and social services. It also publishes factual books on the subject of health.

Careum Publishing specialises in the production of learning and training materials for professions associated with health care and social services. Our modern educational media for upper secondary and tertiary level are distributed across Switzerland in several languages in both print and digital format.

The “Careum Books” and “Querschnittswissen” publication series address additional topics relating to health. They are factual books and can also be used as teaching aids. Our e-books can be accessed via the Edubase platform.

Practical expertise

Partners such as OdASanté, SavoirSocial and Pharmasuisse along with a host of professionals from the field of education from across Switzerland actively support us in implementing learning and training materials. They are familiar with the professions and contribute their expertise and the knowledge they have amassed from their professional and practical experience.

Our learning and training materials are specifically geared towards the requirements of each educational level. They are intended to support trainees and students to independently develop a sound skill set and prepare them for working in the real world.

We go one step further

Not only are the learning and training materials used at educational institutions for health care and social services, they are also referred to in hospitals, care homes for the elderly, care centres and community care schemes. They are reviewed and updated on a regular basis. In addition to this, we are constantly pushing our range of services to the next level to ensure that we can provide students, trainees and teachers with first-rate support.

Additional services

Careum Publishing also acts as a service provider, developing and producing learning and training materials for third parties. We take on the role of external project manager, supporting and supervising the whole process, from the initial idea to the finished medium.