Schwerpunkt Digital

Digitally fit for the education and healthcare world of tomorrow

When it comes to digital transformation, Careum always puts people at the centre. We shed light on current trends in the healthcare, education and social services sectors and are committed to innovative, practical and needs-orientated education and training.

The digital transformation is bringing about far-reaching changes. Technological advances are developing at breathtaking speed and increasingly characterising our everyday lives and work. This is opening up new, previously unimaginable opportunities. At the same time, we are also confronted with challenges and risks that are difficult to assess.

What will the healthcare world of tomorrow look like? How will job profiles, tasks and roles change in an increasingly digital world? What new skills will be required? And how do we ensure that everyone can benefit equally from the advantages of the digital transformation?

At Careum, we are determined to face these questions with courage. With our educational programmes, research and innovation, we want to make a contribution to the digital transformation. Our learners, students, employees and partners are always at the centre of our efforts. We want to empower, promote and network, regardless of whether we are talking about the use of artificial intelligence or topics such as virtual and augmented reality, social robots or digital learning and collaboration tools.

Platform for digital topics

Careum also promotes public discourse on digital transformation. For example, care scenarios of the future have already been discussed at the Careum Forum and Careum Dialogue, and practical examples of virtual reality and digital learning and collaboration in the healthcare sector have been presented. Insights gained are published in a suitable form wherever possible.

A Working Paper, for example, emerged from the Careum Dialogue 2019 in collaboration with experts. It deals with the question of how the digital transformation is revolutionising the education of healthcare professions. At the heart of the publication are 11 postulates and 17 recommendations for action. They highlight challenges and possible solutions for education and training in the healthcare professions in the digital age. At the Careum Dialogue 2018, a declaration on the digital transformation in nursing was also developed in a participatory process with the participants.

Programmes and Projects

  • International Multiplier Programme 2020-2023

    Digital technologies should help to better solve the challenges facing healthcare systems worldwide. Together with the Bosch Health Campus of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, Careum carried out several multiplier programmes. The aim of the programme was to train people at the interface of health and education as multipliers. In future, they should act as digital changemakers and initiators within their organisation. The programme focused on enabling key future skills for the digital age, such as digital cooperation and communication, digital teaching and learning formats, information and data skills and ethical skills.

    The international networking of participants and lecturers from the DACH region led to an intensive exchange in an interactive learning space. Through various learning formats such as short inputs, best practice examples, barcamps, small group exchanges and working on and reflecting on own projects, competences were expanded in a mix of online meetings and on-site exchanges.

  • Digital skills & knowledge project

    The ongoing digital transformation and rapid developments in the field of digital technologies, most recently the increasing accessibility of generative artificial intelligence, mean profound changes in society and for the healthcare, education and social sectors.

    Key issues of the digital transformation
    These changes raise many questions. How are existing competences and role models, areas of work and responsibilities changing? What impact will the digital transformation have on collaboration? And how can we promote a corporate culture that is open to digital change in addition to safe and competent handling of new technologies?

    Needs-orientated promotion of digital skills

    The "Skills and knowledge" project addresses these questions and, in an initial phase, aims to promote the digital skills of Careum employees. After all, in order to actively shape the future of healthcare and make healthcare professionals fit for the digital transformation, Careum itself must also become digitally fit. The "Competencies and Knowledge" project pursues a personalised and needs-oriented approach that appeals to the personal responsibility and motivation of employees and managers. The creation of needs-orientated further training courses is currently in progress.