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Careum encourages public discourse on the topic of digital transformation and is keen to contribute to the matter itself, particularly when it comes to education, research and innovation.

The digital transformation is completely revolutionising the world of health care, education and social services. That is why Careum has turned its attention to the challenges posed and potential offered by digitalisation. We have our sights set on its far-reaching consequences and would like to contribute to the digital transformation with educational opportunities, public discussions, research and innovation.

Digital changemakers in high demand

At Careum, apprentices, students and multipliers can acquire relevant digital skills that they can put into practice in the worlds of education and health care. That is why we invest in school infrastructure and implement innovative projects in the field of digital training, an example being a multiplier programme launched together with the Robert Bosch Stiftung. The aim of the programme is to train individuals in health professions to become digital changemakers for their organisations.

Careum is also interested in digital topics in its research, exploring innovative technology-assisted health care models, for instance.

Platform for digital matters

Careum also encourages public discourse on the topic of digital transformation. Topics such as virtual and augmented reality, social robots and digital learning and collaboration tools are broached at various events, and the knowledge gained at these events is shared with the public in a suitable format.

The Careum Working Paper 8, for example, was drawn up in collaboration with experts on the basis of the information acquired at the Careum Dialog 2019. The report deals with the issue of how digital transformation is revolutionising training in health care. At the heart of the publication are 11 proposals and 17 recommendations for action, which highlight challenges and possible solutions for the training and further education of health professionals in the digital age. At the Careum Dialog 2018, a statement on digital transformation in care was also prepared together with the participants.


  • Short version of Working Paper 8

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Further areas of focus

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Health literacy

With its services and activities, Careum aims to achieve health literacy in Switzerland.

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