Soziale Aspekte der Gesundheit

Social aspects of health

In matters of physical and mental health, social factors also play a role. This is why Careum advocates linking social services and healthcare in the interest of providing holistic and integrated care.

People’s health and well-being depends on a variety of influencing factors. Both physical and social aspects play an important role. Level of education, employment situation or social status, for example, all have a formative influence on health.

Linking social services and healthcare

With this in mind, Careum is aiming to devote more attention to social aspects in providing health care. This involves focussing not only on people with health impairments and social support needs connected to this, but also on their relatives, their social circles and institutions and services involved in the provision of care.

Our goal is to link the health and social care sectors in the interest of providing holistic and integrated healthcare and to promote interprofessional cooperation. In particular, Careum wants to draw attention to this in the fields of education, care and politics.

Expanding training programme and developing key projects

Careum is designing its own training programme with the aim of making trainees and students aware of social issues. This means that social aspects will be discussed at the Careum Summer School, for example, where trainees and students work on an interprofessional basis with patients and their relatives on problems and product ideas.

In addition, Careum is identifying valuable and practice-oriented key projects and implementing these in collaboration with experts from the fields of health and social care. The foundations are also being laid for political discourse.

Further areas of focus

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