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Profile of Careum

Careum is committed to shaping a better future for health care: we train the specialists of tomorrow, put actors and stakeholders in touch with one another and promote innovations.

Careum invests in the education and training of the health care professionals of the future. With our wide range of training and development opportunities and corresponding teaching and learning materials, we prepare specialists and managers extensively for undertaking their duties in a modern learning environment. All in all, we are committed to fostering greater interprofessional and multidisciplinary cooperation.

Innovations in the network

We are also committed to achieving health literacy in Switzerland, conducting research on current issues in the world of health care and working on innovations for the health and care of the future.

Together we are strong: we bring together specialists from the fields of education and health care, apprentices, students, patients and relatives and stimulate discussion of current trends in the health care and education sectors through our events. We enjoy excellent connections at both local and international level: in the Sciana network, for example, experts from Europe are working together to find innovative solutions to challenges in the health care system.

Investing in young talent

Promoting young talent is important to Careum. When it comes to shaping the health and care of tomorrow, well qualified specialists are in high demand. That is why we sponsor a series of platforms, including the Swiss Skills Championship for Care and Community Health Assistance Professionals, award scholarships for the Master of Science in Nursing and offer a mentoring programme for prospective managers.

Our vision

As an important learning hub and innovative driving force behind training, Careum is shaping a better future for health care – in a way that is networked, impassioned and based on partnership. That is our vision. The focus is on the following five priorities:

Our five areas of focus:

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From a nursing school to an innovative place for those in the health care sector to learn and come together

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Our organisation

Careum is a foundation that was established in 1882. It comprises Careum Publishing and the Center for Health Literacy as well as the subsidiaries Careum Educational Center, Careum School of Health, Careum Continuing Education and Edubase. Together we want to give fresh impetus to the world of training and further education and thus contribute to high-quality health care – all in the spirit of the foundation’s mission: “Careum promotes education in health care and social work through innovations and development.”

Our focus

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Careum invests in digital training and encourages public discourse on the topic of digital transformation.

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