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Careum Group

Five organisational units – one focus: the Careum Group is committed to securing a better future for health care.

As an important learning hub and innovative driving force behind training, Careum is shaping a better future for health care – in a way that is networked, impassioned and based on partnership. This is the vision of the Careum Group. The Careum Foundation, Careum School of Health, Careum Educational Center, Careum Continuing Education and Edubase are all united under one roof.

What we offer

We work together to invest in the training of the health professionals of the future. With our broad range of training programmes, we provide those working in the health care sector with a comprehensive set of tools to apply to their specialist and managerial duties. The Careum Campus in Zurich and Careum Haus in Aarau promote a culture of interprofessional and multidisciplinary cooperation. With a range of different events, we also offer the ideal platform for education and healthcare experts, students, patients and citizens to exchange views.

Our five areas of focus:

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From a nursing school to an innovative place for those in the health care sector to learn and come together

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Our self-image

Careum focuses on the self-determined individual and the alignment with their resources. Careum promotes and demands the ability to work together in an interprofessional, multidisciplinary and networked manner.

For Careum, leadership means both setting an example and learning from the best. Where appropriate, Careum assumes the role of a think tank. Our services and activities reflect our conviction that learning never stops. We work in an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable manner.

Our focus

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On the lookout for pioneering opportunities for the health and care of tomorrow.

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