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Careum is dedicated to engaging in interprofessional training and cooperation in the health care sector. These two factors are the key to providing optimal health care.

The interprofessional cooperation of different specialists in the health care sector is seen as a promising way of confronting the challenges presented by the health care system. This means that, in training and further education, we should learn with each other, from each other and about each other. In an ideal world, those working in medical and health care professions would be taught interprofessional skills while they are still in training.

Interprofessionality focuses on interprofessional and cross-sectoral collaboration between nursing, diagnostics, treatment and medical professionals to ensure the provision of optimal health care and support for patients and their families. It also, however, explicitly includes collaboration with patients and their relatives.

Careum does pioneering work

Careum has been involved in high-quality projects in the field of interprofessional training and cooperation in the health care sector for several years now. By offering interprofessional learning opportunities, we promote exchange and networking between professional groups, patients and their families, different educational levels and institutions. In the future, we are also keen to involve an increasing number of individuals from more overlooked professional groups such as biomedical analytics, social professions and sports scientists in our projects.

Interprofessional and multidisciplinary cooperation are also top priorities on the Careum Campus, as demonstrated by the “University Library Medicine Careum”, which serves as a joint information centre for medicine and health care professions.

Our interprofessional learning opportunities

Interprofessional training in Switzerland

Within the framework of the Careum Working Paper 9, the content and success factors of interprofessional training from an international perspective were collected in an effort to derive recommendations for action for future interprofessional training in Switzerland. These were prioritised for Switzerland in a workshop attended by a host of Swiss experts and laid out in the form of a road map for the future of interprofessional training in Switzerland.


Further areas of focus

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