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With the CareX project, Careum is looking for pioneering and effective opportunities for the health and care of tomorrow.

CareX is a Careum initiative comprising a series of innovative and future-oriented projects. We see social and economic change as an opportunity to work with partners to shape the health and care of tomorrow. CareX thus sees itself as a workshop in which specific, inspiring solutions are developed and new margins for manoeuvre are created.

The major drivers of change

Nobody can truly predict what the future has to hold. That being said, for those who are in this line of business, megatrends are an unavoidable phenomenon. Megatrends are forces or drivers that transform our society in a fundamental and sustainable way. They have a reciprocal influence on one another and become stronger and stronger as they evolve. These dynamics mean that megatrends have an impact on how we will coexist, work, learn or get around in the future.

CareX is keen to strengthen the awareness of megatrends with the aim of helping to identify the associated chances and opportunities in order to develop innovative ideas and possible solutions. Find out about the megatrends that will play a role in your future now:

11 megatrends that influence us

Further areas of focus

Schwerpunkt Digital


Careum invests in digital training and encourages public discourse on the topic of digital transformation.

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