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The Careum Foundation is committed to providing training in health care and social services. It develops training concepts, produces training material, networks stakeholders, promotes health literacy and invests in young talent.

What does the health care of the future look like? This what the Careum Foundation is interested in finding out. It aims to provide fresh impetus in training and further education and thus contribute to high-quality health care. This is completely in keeping with the Foundation’s purpose: “Careum supports education in health care and social services through innovation and development.”

The Careum Foundation is charitable, financially and politically independent and looks beyond disciplinary boundaries. It was established in 1882 as a nursing school and hospital by the Zurich-Fluntern Red Cross, and has borne the name Careum since 2004. This is derived from the words “care” and “lyceum” (a place of learning in ancient Athens), thus combining the key elements of the Foundation’s purpose: care and education.

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From a nursing school to an innovative place for those in the health care sector to learn and come together

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Discussion regarding the health and care of tomorrow

The Careum Foundation promotes dialogue between those working in the health care sector. Events such as Careum Dialog, the Careum Forum or the Careum Summer School encourage stakeholders to engage in discussions about the health and care of tomorrow.

Strong together as part of a network

For the Careum Foundation, working with others as part of a regional, national and international network is just as rewarding as everyday activities. Take the Sciana network, for example, which brings together managers from the health care sector and health care policy in Europe to share experiences and learn from their counterparts across the globe.

Sciana Netzwerk

Sciana – The Health Leaders Network

Sciana promotes international exchange in an effort to tackle challenges in health care together.

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Investing in young talent

Promoting young talent is important to the Careum Foundation. When it comes to shaping the health and care of tomorrow, well qualified specialists are in high demand, and they make a valuable contribution to society. That is why the Careum Foundation sponsors a series of platforms, including the Swiss Skills Championship for Care and Community Health Assistance Professionals. The national showcase for vocational training is an opportunity to make young people aware of the lifelong prospects on offer in the attractive profession of nursing.

Careum scholarship

Each year, the Careum Foundation also awards a limited number of scholarships for the Master of Science in Nursing at the Careum School of Health in an effort to support students with outstanding achievements. The application process for the Careum scholarship is managed by the Careum School of Health.

Mentoring programme

Interprofessional collaboration skills and the ability to innovate are the focus of the Management in the Health Care Sector professional mentoring programme run by the B. Braun Foundation in partnership with Careum. It is geared towards ambitious, up-and-coming managers from the health care sector in German-speaking Europe. The Careum School of Health offers participants the opportunity to apply for a further education course at university level.

An overview of our departments

In addition to its management and administration board, the Careum Foundation also comprises Careum Education Management, Careum Health Literacy and Careum Publishing.

The Careum Foundation is also involved in the training providers known as the Careum Training Centre, Careum School of Health, Careum Continuing Education and Edubase. These entities together with the Careum Foundation constitute the Careum Group.

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