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Careum Education Management

Careum Education Management works with experts to promote educational innovations, convert them into products and evaluate their added value.

Careum Education Management is concerned with education in a health care context, from a higher political level to the implementation of specific educational experiences. We see education as a way of preserving and promoting the health of people from all age groups.

We convert innovative projects into training and further education in partnership with all those working in the education sector. This process involves trainees, students, teachers and specialists in the health care and social system as well as patients, their families and volunteers.

Evolution of educational innovations

Based on trends in health care and education, educational innovations are designed, developed and converted into products, and their added value is evaluated together with experts. Careum Education Management sees itself as a driving force in the transformation of health care professions.

Current topics from the worlds of health care and education are also addressed by Careum Education Management at the Careum Forum. This free specialist event is geared towards those who work in a health profession or are still in training.

Our areas of focus



From surgical hygiene to ZIPAS: our projects in the field of interprofessional education and collaboration.

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Our training programmes

Careum Education Management provides you with practice-oriented and tailored training and advice in a blended learning format, both online and in person at our institution. We also help develop the abilities and competencies of facilitators as tutors on interprofessional training wards, of teachers in problem-based learning and teaching, and of multipliers in the field of digital skills.

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